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John Wesley was particularly keen on keeping people healthy and curing their physical illnesses. He made the equivalent of millions from multiple printings of Primitive Physic: An Easy and Natural Method of Curing Most Diseases. He donated all the proceeds from the publication.

The Primitive Physic of John Wesley was first crafted in the middle of the 1700s; more than a century later it remained in print in several forms, a testament to its continued use as a tract of folk medicine, proto-homeopathy, and its function as a general pragmatic herbal of sorts. Proposing treatments for over one hundred conditions and diseases, including both the chronic and acute, the fatal and the annoying, Wesley's work must of necessity be included in any competent catalog of herbal or early medical works of note.

We know that good diet and regular exercise are some of the keys to a healthy body, but mental health is also important. Boosting your mental health includes:

  • Making social connections - especially face-to-face
  • Talking to someone
  • Taking up a relaxation practice - Yoga, mindfulness, meditation, and deep breathing
  • Making leisure and contemplation a priority (Sabbath time)
  • Sleeping (and napping) - One way to get to sleep better is to take a break from the stimulation of screens — TV, phones, tablets, or computers — in the hours before bedtime. Consider reading or listening to relaxing music instead. Having a routine time to go to sleep and awaken is often helpful. As we age it can be helpful to get an afternoon nap in, this used to be a cultural norm in some places.
  • Finding purpose and meaning – Volunteer, care for others, do good deeds daily.
  • Getting help if you need it (professional counseling)
  • Church attendance and engagement with church ministry is a great way to stay mentally healthy.

Last, but not least, a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT


Montgomery County Recreation fitness passes for exercise enthusiasts will be free for County residents in 2023. The free pass provides access to fully equipped fitness rooms, open gym (drop-in) activities, and game rooms at any of the 22 Community Recreation Centers during regularly scheduled hours. Aquatic centers are not free but are offered at a fairly reasonable cost.

Pastor’s Personal Goals for 2023

Interestingly, the SPRC asked me to share my personal goals with them. While in past years I have had church goals, apparently either the feedback form was added to or I neglected this task in the past. I will share with all of you what I hope to achieve in 2023:

New recipes and eating healthy, managing blood sugar levels – One new recipe a month, obtain a continuous glucose meter (CGM). Lose 15 pounds in 12 months. Exercise regularly.

Visit a park, walking trail, museum, or other site of interest once a month.

I invite you to support me in my personal goals – pray for me, let me know of a park or site of interest – or invite me to join you as you go yourself.