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May 27, 2018 -- The Main Thing -- John 6:22-42

Here’s the deal: to obtain eternal life, we need to have a faith that is dynamic, growing, and active. We need to be focused on the things in life that have eternal value.

Stewardship & Inspiration


God Is the Source of All Things

Remembering that God owns everything prompts a remarkable shift in our view of stewardship. Usually when we think of stewardship, we define it as our giving to God or to the church something that belongs to us.

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Resources for Stewardship and Financial Planning

The Mid-Atlantic United Methodist Foundation was founded to "[foster and support] benevolent ministries in the name of Jesus Christ...". From planned giving to stewardship workshops for congregations to retirement planning, the foundation offers helpful guidance, financial management, and education. Click here for more

The Scream by Edvard Munch

How to Thrive in Culture of Shouting

Does the current discourse make you feel like the guy in The Scream? Do you sound like the guy in The Scream when you engage with others on topics about which you disagree? David F. Watson offers solutions for remaining sane in a culture where everyone seems to be shouting all the time. You can elevate the discourse and tune out the noise that seems to pervade the news and our own interactions. The article is posted on Ministry Matters and you can read it here.

News & Events

Graduate Recognition Sunday - June 3

Are you or someone you know graduating in 2018? Please let us know so that we may honor all of our graduates! Whether it's from High School, College, or any other milestone in your academic life, CSA would like to include you in our celebration. Submit your graduate's name and graduation information here or call the church office, 301-229-3383, from 9:15 AM - 12:15 PM,  Monday through Friday by May 21, 2018.

Bethesda Preparatory Preschool Coming to CSA

CSA will be the home of the Bethesda Preparatory Preschool beginning on September 1, 2018! The school's founders signed a three-year lease with CSA on March 26, 2018. The Christian preschool will be a year-round, full-day program open to all children from ages 2 - 5. Read the announcement here.

Annual Yard Sale and Book Fair - June 9, 2018

The Annual Yard Sale and Book Fair will be held on Saturday, June 9, 2018 from 9AM - 1PM - rain or shine! If you'd like to sell your treasures, you can reserve a spot with a table for just $35, checks payable to United Methodist Men. You can download a flyer here or contact the church office for more information.

Rev. Sue is Retiring!

After close to 25 years in pastoral ministry and 4 years at CSA, Rev. Sue will be retiring in July 2018. Our congregation has come to love Rev. Sue and Terry and we wish them God's grace and blessings on this new chapter in their lives. You can read Rev. Sue's letter here.




The Church

A Little Bit About Us: 

Concord Methodist Church was formed in 1819, making it one of the oldest Methodist churches in Montgomery County, MD. St. Andrew's Methodist Church formed in 1956 to serve a growing suburban population. The two churches merged in 1976 to become Concord-St. Andrew's United Methodist Church and the 35th anniversary was celebrated in October 2011. Learn more about us here.

Whether you are visiting or searching for a church home, you are always welcome to worship with us. Our address is 5910 Goldsboro Rd., Bethesda, MD 20817.

Worship lifts our spirirts and strengthens our relationships with God. It also stirs our imaginations, fills us with wonder, and offers us fellowship with our brothers and sisters in Christ. Come as you are! Be our guest! Experience the love of God and Christian community.

Join us for coffee and fellowship beginning at 10:00 AM and then join us for worship at 11:00.