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This week seemed to be transitional. We are starting to get into a new normal of wearing masks to shop, buying in bulk, and living in a Zoom world. The Men's Group was the bet attended in a long time on Stan Sloter's Zoom hosting. Bible study is on Zoom and more people are discovering virtual backgrounds.

This takes me back to the early church, after the resurrection and before Pentecost. A time without Jesus physical presence, or perhaps a few sightings (Emmaus, Thomas). But clearly the time of the daily presence of Jesus had passed, and a time of new beginnings at hand.

After a month of video worship I cannot imagine not doing them even if we meet for public worship in our building. We are getting twice as many views as we did people in the pew. God works in magnificent ways.

The Methodist mainstream theology is not one of God's retribution for sins of the nation or world. Nor is it even that God has a purpose in whatever happens (hurricanes, diseases, floods). The mainstream theology is that GOD IS WITH US. God endured having His only begotten son murdered on a cross. The mainstream theology is that both good and bad things happen - but we Christians, by God's grace - will respond with God's love and compassion. We will learn and grow and change our ways. I have no doubt that we will grow closer through this pandemic calamity. We will persevere and even be better than we were before.

Lastly, I make no secret that I strongly support scouting and maybe especially the ground-breaking all-girl troop we have at CSA. Though not mentioned in this write-up, we have one who is already nearing Eagle Scout status and will be contacting me regarding an Eagle Scout project, the final step.