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 The Korean people, a distinctive people with their own language, culture, and customs, live in South Korea, North Korea, and adjacent land in Russia. Invaded multiple times from China and Japan, the Korean nation fought back each time. The last occupation was Japan 1910-1945. Post WWII Korea was divided into American and Russian zones of control. North Korea invaded South Korea on June 25,1950. Armistice was achieved in 1954. South Korea embraced a market economy, and their people enjoy good income (40th worldwide), low unemployment, and democracy. South Korea enjoys the fastest Internet in the world, and e-sports (video games) are played by 25 million players (half the population).

    South Korea is the most Protestant nation in Asia. Due to the efforts of the first Methodist missionary, Henry Appenzeller, and others, Korean Methodism claims 1.5 million members and the largest Methodist church in the world! Korea now sends more missionaries (27,000) than any other country other than the US. Many Korean Christians were active in resisting the Japanese occupation and were active in politics and business. The first Korean president, Syngman Rhee, was Methodist. Christian missionaries started 293 schools and 40 universities including three of the top five academic institutions in Korea.
- Pastor Curtis