One Day Closer

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I remember the day after my foot surgery I was dreading the recovery time. It was less than encouraging - months. When in the first few days it was the psychological more than the physical that was bogging me down. The same if for the pandemic. We don't know when our lives will be back to some form of normal. I hope by Pentecost. We have a lot of celebrating to catch up on. We also have a lot of grieving to catch up on as well. Shirley Norwood passed away. The service will be some time in the future. Who knows when that future will be? So much pent up emotion that needs to be let loosed.

On the bright side the little cul-de-sac the parsonage sits on brings out our neighbors to bang pots and pans at 7 PM to support our pandemic fighters - medical, food, deliver, and every other essential person. 

On an even brighter side we have more YouTube worship views than even our best attended services. What will post-pandemic bring? I predict a blessing of stronger connections in church, our local neighborhoods, and the country. God bless all.