Meditation - A Lenten Discipline

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During this Lenten season, develop or strengthen your spiritual disciplines. Meditation is blocking 5 or more (my sweet spot is 20) minutes a day for a quiet time with Christ. The goals are to deepen your personal relationship with Christ, to identify with the purpose of your life, and to live in communion with God through the fulfillment of God's will. 

Meditate early in the day, at the same time every day, and in the same quiet and distraction-free place.

  1. Focus on God and your identity as a beloved child of God.
  2. Take a passage from the Bible or picture a scene from nature and reflect on what it means to you.
  3. Talk with Christ  As you converse, in the silent depths of your heart, open yourself to God, offering your life and inviting him once again to come and show you the way to a living communion with him. 
  4. Act on any revelations you may have received. Visit someone in the hospital. Call that person you need to call. Forgive someone you need to forgive.

Have a holy and meaningful Lent,
Pastor Curtis