Come Home!

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I was blessed with a family home growing up. My parents bought a house in Mountainside, NJ, when my sister Katherine was born, making their apartment a bit too cramped with three children born within four years. I was born 7 years later. One of the great family photos are the children all lined up on the steps on Christmas morning. Perhaps you have similar family photos and memories. My parents never moved. My mother and father were both able to stay in the family home until their deaths.

Our church home is not complete without you.

I hope you decide to come out Christmas Eve at 5 PM for a classic Christmas worship service with a return of our doctoral trained organist, Szu-Yi Li, and a return of soloist Elissa Edwards. Please come home to be with your church family.

Home is the theme for our Advent series. This Sunday’s sermon title is “The Joy of Home” followed by “The Blessing of Home” on the fourth Sunday in Advent, culminating at the Christmas Eve service with “Welcome Home.”