Growing in Faith

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Bethesda Preparatory School is growing! It is not just a full-day care program, they have a comprehensive educational system appropriate for each age group.  For example this past Monday, the two year old class, the Monkeys, started the morning by sitting in a circle and singing "God Made The World." They then held a world puppet. The children learned about colors and opposites and all the Monkeys recognized the differences between big-small and long-short through visuals.

Then the Monkeys exercised their fine motor skills when they each made a caterpillar using different colors. During the activity all the children were encouraged to pronounce ‘caterpillar.’ They used their gross motor skills outdoors with a colorful parachute. The Monkeys did an experiment by putting white flowers in different colored water bottles with food coloring. They read My Many Colored Days by Dr. Seuss.

We can learn from the nursery school that as Christians we should be growing in our faith by many different ways - singing hymns, reading the Bible, using our hands in mission work, praying, fasting, and fellowship. May we continue to grow closer to God.

Pastor Curtis