Flight! Dream or Revelation?

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Joseph has a dream from God to flee to Egypt with Mary and Jesus, How can we tell if a dream is from God or not?

Dreams, being a form of revelation, hold to the same rules as revelation. To be from God, a dream needs to do the following: Agree with Scripture; Carry the character of God and fit His personality; Be truthful, accurate; Bear good fruit; Point to Jesus; and Be full of color and light.

It isn’t a dream from God if it tells you to steal, commit adultery, murder, or violate any other moral commandment. Dreams from God will not change Scripture. 

A dream that leaves you feeling hopeless, like you will never be good enough for God or like you’ve done something that forever marks you and holds you back from God is not a dream from God. Don’t believe that kind of dream.

Pastor Curtis


 Image  by JESUS MAFA (Cameroon 1973) used under the Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial ShareAlike 3.0 License.