200th Anniversary

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The Concord 200 year anniversary celebration was a great success! I appreciated the presence of our District Superintendent, Rev. Dr. Gerard Green, and Montgomery County Executive, Marc Elrich. Ann Williams and Linda Creamer did a great job of coordinating sandwich production, drinks, and cake. Ice cream was offered with a homemade chocolate fudge sauce prepared by Barbara de Boinville. I also want to thank Szu-Yi and Susan for their flute/piano special music during the offertory. Everyone enjoyed the fellowship with those who came to this special event. 

The worship service included former pastor Rev. Bruce Jones "Working Side by Side for 200 Years" which was both thorough and concise and wonderfully reminds us of how we are able to do great things together. The historical lesson was superbly done by former pastor Rev. Art Thomas who gave a fascinating discovery tour of the early days of Concord and brought us up to the present day. A 42-page historical document was prepared, distributed to those in attendance, and will be in the Montgomery County Historical Archives as well as the Lovely Lane archive. There are also additional copies in the church office if you were not able to attend.