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Donate online or send a check to:
Concord-St. Andrew's United Methodist Church
5910 Goldsboro Road
Bethesda, MD 20817.

100% of your tax-deductible donation will go to the Karura Ka Nyungu school managed through the Sarah Wainaina Education Fund Committee. The Sarah Wainaina Education Fund 's first priority is to provide uniforms, school supplies, and lunch for 50 of the “Neediest of the Needy” pupils, and salary for two cooks to manage the Food Program. The next priority is to purchase basic teaching materials and books for the pupils.

When making a donation on line, donors have the option to add 2.75% of their donation to cover administrative costs. If you'd like to include the admin fee with your online donation, just check the box on the payment page when you make your online donation. The administrative costs are covered through separate donations made both online and by check.

A female worker is paid about 300 Kenya Shillings (KSh) per day ($2.95) depending on the employer's ability to pay. A male worker is paid 500 KSh. per day ($4.90) and this depends on the availability of jobs which sometimes are on and off due to weather and economic activities of the area. The average monthly income is about 6000 KSh. ($60.00 per month).

The Karura’s Sarah Wainaina Education Fund provides ingredients and supplies for the School Lunch Program which feeds 50 "neediest of the needy" lunch Monday - Friday and pays the salary of two cooks. A separate donor provides porridge flour for the whole school each morning. Our mission does not provide the porridge.

Casual laborers and peasant farmers.

The Karura Mission helps provide 50 of the "neediest of the needy" with new uniforms.

The average cost for a new uniform is $15.00 per pupil excluding socks, shoes, school bag and sports wear.

A functional Karura school committee oversees the transparency of each purchase. The committee is headed by Ms. Sarah Wainaina, and it is comprised of Head teacher, school secretary, and three community representatives.

The official recording is that Karura Ka Nyungu Primary School is a DEB public primary schools registered under Education Act. Reg. No G/PE/3528/11, located in Kabete zone in Kabete Sub County, Kiambu County. Kiambu County is in the former Central Province of Kenya. The county is adjacent to the northern border of Nairobi County.