CSA Church

Rev. Susan Brown

August 28, 2016
Do You Hear Voices?
Hebrews 1:1-2 & John 16:13-14

Some people claim to hear God's voice. They're mentally ill, they base their life on what they hear.  How can you hear God's voice?

September 4, 2016
Not Perfect, Just Forgiven

Luke 15:1-3, 11b-32

Mercy trumps justice, grace trumps anger, and rebellion is met with forgiveness. This is a God to truly love.
Theme: Communion

September 11, 2016
Psalm 23:1, Luke 12:21-34
Worry Wart

Who is really in control of your life? Is it God or is it you? Who would you prefer?
Theme: Worry

Sept 18, 2016
Psalm 23: 2, Psalm 127:2, Matthew 11: 28-30
Still Waters

Balance is not always easy. Give your life to God and allow God to sort it out.
Theme: Rest

September 25, 2016
Psalm 23: 3, Romans 3:19-28
Debt Free

Life Happens, but how do you get over it? Discover God in the midst of transformation.
Theme: Restoration/Trust


upcoming.png Stewardship + Inspiration

Storing Up Treasures in Heaven

Jim Elliot, who was a missionary and a martyr for his faith, gave us this profound statement: “He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.” Through faith, we understand the truth in this statement.

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What Christians Are Made For 

Would you do Mother Teresa's job for a million dollars? Most of us wouldn't, and, as it turns out, she probably wouldn't have either! It begs the question: as Christians what are we made for? Shane Claiborne sheds light in the clip below. Want more inspiration? See other videos here.


Resources for Stewardship and Financial Planning

The Mid-Atlantic United Methodist Foundation was founded to "[foster and support] benevolent ministries in the name of Jesus Christ...". From planned giving to stewardship workshops for congregations to retirement planning, the foundation offers helpful guidance, financial management, and education. Click here for more
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Bridges of Hope

CSA Church has enjoyed long, faith-filled covenant relationships with UMC missionaries around the world. Read this newsletter from Nan McCurdy and Miguel Mairena who serve in Central America. In it, you'll learn how you or other young adults in your life (ages 18 - 30) can take advantage of opportunities to serve missions around the world and about projects like "You Are Not Alone" with which Nan and Miguel are involved.

Youth ALIVE!

Youth ALIVE is on a break for the summer and will return in August 2016. Until then, youth and their parents are encouraged to continue studying God's word. Daily Devos is a great way to stay inspired, and you can get yours right here.
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A Little Bit About Us: Concord Methodist Church was formed in 1819, making it one of the oldest Methodist churches in Montgomery County, MD. St. Andrew's Methodist Church formed in 1956 to serve the growing suburban population. The two churches merged in 1976 to become Concord-St. Andrew's United Methodist Church and the 35th anniversary was celebrated in October 2011. Learn more about us here.

Whether you are visiting or searching for a church home, you are always welcome to worship with us. Our address is 5910 Goldsboro Rd., Bethesda, MD 20817.

Worship lifts our spirirts and strengthens our relationships with God. It also stirs our imaginations, fills us with wonder, and offers us fellowship with our brothers and sisters in Christ. Come as you are! Be our guest! Experience the love of God and Christian community.

Sunday worship starts at 10:00 am followed by coffee hour in the Fellowship Hall.

At 11:15, Sunday School classes are available for PK through middle schoolers--click here for more information. 


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