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Dear Friend,

In the Face of Change, Your Assets Are Secure

The Mid-Atlantic United Methodist Foundation (MAUMF) is aware of the potential change coming to the United Methodist denomination in seeking a path forward. We want to assure the churches that invest with MAUMF that your funds are secure:

  • Each church has signed an individual account agreement with the MAUMF
  • The assets that are on deposit with the MAUMF are the church’s assets to hold
  • We take instructions only from the church’s designated representatives
  • Asset allocation and investment decisions are made by the church

Our Understanding of Future Needs

  • There will continue to be a need for Stewardship Education to support ministry funding
  • Donors will need greater transparency of understanding how contribution are used
  • The need for clearly defined investment policies and procedures will increase
  • All churches will benefit through the pooling of investment funds in the Foundation’s model
  • There is a need for increased fiduciary oversight of church investment holdings

Over the past two years the Foundation Board of Directors and Staff have been discussing and exploring ways we may continue to provide investments, resources, ideas, and support for all our client churches, congregations, and donors as we live into what comes next.
As part of our preparation we have recently extended our Strategic Plan with specific goals and objectives for 2018 through 2020. Additionally we have formed a Vision Team that is work in partnership with the Foundation’s consultants, legal counsel, service providers, experts, and other denominations to develop ideas for our long-term future. We lead other United Methodist Foundation by hosting a conference titled “Designing Your Change” where we exchanged ideas and listened to others facing the uncertainty of change.
Our plans remain quite flexible and will continue to be refined as the process moves forward with the Commission’s recommendation and the 2019 General Conference’s decisions.

For the Latest Information Please Visit our Websites
www.midatlanticfoundation.org under the Investments Tab
Legacy and Planned Giving:

Have you completed your Asset Allocation review?
A tool to review your Risk Profile Assessment is available.
For a copy please contact:
Tracy Brown, Operations Manager at 484-762-8211

Be the Blessing,
Jack Brooks
Executive Director
Mid-Atlantic United methodist Foundation 

For more information call us at 800-828-9093 Ext 1008 or visit our Website: www.midatlanticfoundation.org

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Jack Brooks
Executive Director



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