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Concord-St. Andrew’s United Methodist Church
5910 Goldsboro Road Bethesda MD 20817
The Rev. Susan Brown, Senior Pastor


Date: November 14, 2017
To: CSA Nursery School Parents and Staff
From: CSA Pastor, Rev. Susan Brown
  CSA Church Council Chair, Harvey Wise
  CSA Lay Leader, Larry Williams
  CSA Staff Parish Relations Committee Chair, Val Gendleman
  CSA Board of Trustees Chair, Ann Williams
As a result of conversations with nursery school parents and staff, and as a result of our personal observations, it is most apparent that the announcement of a return to a more Christian influenced nursery school program was not carried out with sufficient care.
While recognizing a change of this nature would be met with mixed reactions, it certainly was not our intention to inflict hurt or pain upon anyone.  We sincerely regret that this may have taken place with any segment of the nursery school parent or staff populations. 

As you may be aware, a committee of seven people, three from the church and four from the nursery school was convened to resolve any miscommunication and misunderstanding; and furthermore to develop an agreement for a plan, together with a phase-in of the plan that would put the school in line with our Christian ministry.  We were somewhat slowed by negative media coverage (not of the making of the nursery school leadership), to which the church could not respond since we were engaged in active negotiations with the nursery school and we did not want in any way to jeopardize those negotiations.  Regardless, by Friday, November 3, we were close to an agreement.  Please find attached the plan and its phase-in (PDF) as provided to our church’s congregation on Saturday, November 11.  (Inadvertently, there was one piece regarding curriculum collaboration that was not included in that piece, but which is included in what you are receiving.)
CSA and the CSA Nursery School have enjoyed an extremely positive relationship for many decades.  We deeply regret the past month which has caused anguish to both the school and church communities.  We trust that the attached plan and phase-in will go a long way to restoring both trust and respect.