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Dear CSA Families with Children, 

Thank you for your faithful support of the mission and ministry of Concord-St. Andrews UMC. 

I remember the days when my four children were growing up. When my mother visited, she was astounded that everything was scheduled; shopping, laundry, activities, recreation, bathroom time (we only had 1), church, and family time. It was a time of tremendous challenge and indescribable joy. I was also exhausted with the best tired I had ever experienced. So, thank you for your committed involvement and the generous gift of your time and resources. 

When my children were still at home, the greatest blessing of being part of a church family was the relationships and support that I received. My children had surrogate grandparents; I had others to talk to about my journey; and I had the support of other families with similar beliefs. Our numbers were not always large, but I had people I could count on when needed. CSA is such a place. 

With your help, I believe that we are beginning to form the kind of community of friends that will enable us to support and love families during their child raising years. I have a vision of a community so strong that our children will be grounded in good values and exposed to people of high integrity as a preparation for their launching into the world. 

As an act of faith and hope, our church council has committed to support music and education staff in 2015. I have been so happy to see us rebuilding our family ministries and the growing participation of whole families in our music ministry. This is the beginning of our future. 

We need your help in 2016. We have about 50% fewer pledging families than we had 5 years ago. This means that our operating budget is strained just to make expenses. As a result, we have had to use some of our reserves to cover our everyday expenses. In 2016, we do not want to dip into our reserves; we want to operate from a position of strength and vitality. 

To do that, we need your support. When you consider your financial gift for 2016, I invite you to consider giving Concord-St. Andrews a larger share of your charitable giving. This will help us to meet our obligations, but more importantly it gives us the opportunity to grow together. 

Thank you for being for being so involved in your children’s lives. Thank you for making part of your commitment to them, participation in our ministries. I am blessed to be your pastor and I am looking forward to our next year together. I know that with your generous help our community will flourish. 

With best regards, 

Rev. Sue 

CSA Church

5910 Goldsboro Road

Bethesda, MD 20817